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A Hakka Woman

A retelling of my grandmother's story

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Order from Di direct or order from a distributor?

By preordering from Di, you'll get a signed limited edition copy (with stickers!) and all royalties go directly to the author.

But... on the flip side, it means less visibility (i.e. good algorithms) for A Hakka Woman.

So when you order from an online bookshop/distributor, it does greatly improve A Hakka Woman's visibility and they would be more likely to stock.

Di believes in free choice so below are a few options where you can preorder/order:

Order direct from Di HERE
Order from Waterstones HERE
Order from Foyles HERE
Order from Amazon HERE

Order from WH Smith HERE

Order from Barnes and Noble USA HERE


If you would like more information on how to order for your country, please get in touch and Di would be happy to help! 



I want to only remember the things that matter, that things that brought me joy. 
Perhaps you can remember all of this for me so that there would be something left when I am gone?

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